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Pasión por el Melocotón
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Hundreds of peach trees surround our main building. Lines and lines of silent trees that have been giving us the best yellow peach. It is not by chance that every year we are the cooperative that most kilos of Calanda Peach (Melocotón de Calanda) certifies in the appellation of origin (Denominación de Origen). Actually, we are part of the Regulatory Council of the appellation of Origin of Calanda Peach (Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Melocotón de Calanda) and we demand both quality standards and the added value of its authentification. Besides the yellow peach we also have an important production of apricot, paraguay fruit, cherry, prune, pear and apple.

In the country, each peach is bagged one by one, in the market each brand seduces its clients one by one.