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Pasión por el Melocotón
Incorporar valor a la fruta
Arboles & tecnología
Amarillo melocotón
Cinco ases
Tradition + technology = quality. This is a simple formula which we use every day in our work. Years ago we understood that technology and modernization cannot fall out with the traditional agriculture. It´s about knowing which are the phases of the process where the key are the traditional elements giving quality to the final product, and which are the phases whose advantage is obtained by means of technology.
This is why we keep working the land and picking the fruits in the traditional way, as we have always been doing it, to some people’ surprise. Most of the people are surprised we have been incorporating components of latest technology in the process of caring and preparing the fruit. The sum of these two results is the guarantee to our clients. A guarantee that not everyone is able to offer.

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