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Pasión por el Melocotón
Incorporar valor a la fruta
Arboles & tecnología
Amarillo melocotón
Cinco ases
A guarantee that is possible because we are two-faced: on one hand, we are an agriculture company from the point of view of working the land, and on the other hand our facilities are those of a food company. Because this is the final result of the whole process: giving the consumer a delicious natural product.

During the last years we have been dedicating an important financial investment to renew and improve our machinery. These investments are directed to speed up the processes and to gain efficiency. This is how we managed to improve our processing line by incorporating, for example, the automation of the bagging off process. This is how, for example, we have put new calibrators in order to select exactly the quality fruits to get to the consumer. Tradition + technology = perhaps this is the success formula

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