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Pasión por el Melocotón
Incorporar valor a la fruta
Arboles and tecnología
Amarillo melocotón
Cinco ases
The fruit market uses ‘Melocotón de Calanda’ ‘(Calanda Peach’) term for those peach fruits with the seal of Consejo Regulador Denominación de Origen Calanda (Regulatory Council of the Appellation of Origin of Calanda Peach), that is the Prunus persica, Sieb. and Zucc., coming from ‘Amarillo tardío’ (Late yellow peach), the indigenous variety, and Jesca, Evaisa y Calante, its selected clones. These types of peaches are cultivated in the south east area of the Ebro depression, within Teruel and Zaragoza provinces. During the cultivating process farmers use the traditional technique of individual bagging of the fruit right there in the peachtree. The individual fruit bagging is done in June and in July. The wax paper bag wraps up the fruit until the manipulation moment arrives, protecting it from treatments, falling down and plagues. The spreading of this fruit growing, originated in autochthonous peachtrees, began in the 50s, when the individual fruit bagging starts as well.

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