Ctra. Valmuel, s/n 44660 Puig-Moreno (Teruel)
Telf.: 978 83 80 00
Fax: 978 83 80 30

Pasión por el melocotón
Incorporar valor a la fruta
Arboles and tecnología
Amarillo melocotón
Cinco ases
A county which is located in the Low Aragón (Bajo Aragón), a fertile land bathed by the Guadalope river on his way southwards Ebro river. The privileged location of this land and the use of the traditional know-how allowed the cooperative to grow.

Today, the constant technological evolution of our plant makes possible the production of high quality natural flavor fresh fruit.

Since 1962 a group of people who love the land, feel it and are passionate about everything they do. It´s just that San Miguel Cooperative is the fruit of a lot of work.

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